Sunday, October 31, 2010

Time to kick this blog back up! I know its been a while since I posted last........I can make all kinds of excuses but I wont bore you with them. Ive had a lot of folks after me to get this thing going again and with the Nativity fast quick upon us I figured it was time. So here goes.

On Friday night this past week I tried a new recipe out and it was a big hit. Here goes!

Pappa al Pomodoro con Fagioli

2 lg onions sliced thin
16 garlic cloves sliced thin
2 lg (28 oz) cans Italian plum tomatoes
2 lbs stale bread in about 1 inch cubes
2 cans cannellini beans drained
large bunch basil
salt & pepper
red pepper flakes
10 cups water

Saute onion and garlic in a drop or 2 of oil along with the red pepper flakes until garlic is nicely browned. Add tomatoes along with the juice from the can and half the basil. Cook over high heat breaking up the tomatoes with the back of a spoon, allowing the liquid to cook down and the tomatoes to get soft. When the tomatoes start breaking apart add the bread, lower the heat add the water and season with the salt and pepper and the rest of the basil. The bread will get thick soaking up the juice. Stir well and don't let it scorch. Cook stirring well until the bread becomes mush. Add the beans and allow to warm through.

On days when olive oil is allowed it is great with a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil drizzled on top.
This dish will certainly keep you warm!!