Thursday, December 4, 2008

Making Fasting Easier

Most of us who were raised in the average American home have no idea how to fast. It really does require us to rethink how we eat. When we have restrictions on what we can eat its much more difficult to prepare a meal, you cant just pick up "fast" food (most "fast" food is not fast friendly) you actualy have to think about (at least I do) whats on the menu. People often comment that keeping the fast is so hard. So what to do about it? Be prepared, plan ahead and keep it simple.

  1. Be prepared! A week or so before the fast starts stock up on foods that will make your life easier. Some foods I like to keep on hand for last minute fasting meals; dried beans, especially lentils (they cook up in just 30 min), canned beans, pasta, tofu, lots of fresh veges and salad stuff, frozen or canned fish and shellfish are also great to have around.
  2. Plan your meals ahead. This will help with shopping as well as helping to utilize leftovers saving $$.
  3. Keep it simple. One of the reasons we fast is to allow ourselves more time to pray. Its kind of pointless to spend hours in the kitchen preparing lenten meals and not to spend enough time in prayer. There is nothing wrong with a bit of monotony at the table. Try cooking a larger batch of something then you usually would and serving it again later in the week.

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Catherine Alexander said...

When can we expect a new recipe? :D